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Configuring your SilverStripe Platform stack. Some configuration such as PHP version can be changed. See the .platform.yml file docs for more information. Other configuration such as domains, and whitelist can be configured. See the Platform features section for more information. FAQ. See the FAQ for some answers to common problems.
Composer and all content on this site are released under the MIT license. ... Getting up and running with our SilverStripe setup. Please ask us if you have any questions / problems following this guide - we are really keen on getting you guys up and running, so we are glad to help!

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There is no license information available for the latest version (2.1) of this package. ... silverstripe-vendormodule. 2.1 2018-07-03 02 ... Installation via composer 24 Jan 2017 09:05:33 UTC: Redirected from: history. All snapshots: from host Webpage Screenshot: share download .zip report error or abuse
symbiote/silverstripe-versionedfiles is a module to allow for the replacement and version management of asset files. Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Information Exposure. secureassets and versionedfiles modules can expose versions of protected files. Remediation. There is no fixed version for symbiote/silverstripe-versionedfiles.

If the maintainer of the module is in the process of upgrading to SilverStripe 4, a development version of the module might be available. In some cases, it can be worthwhile to look up the repository of the module or to reach out to the maintainer. 默认情况下 Composer 缓存的所有数据都将在闲置6个月后被删除,这个选项允许你来调整这个时间,你可以将其设置为0以禁用缓存。 cache-files-maxsize: 默认为 300MiB。Composer 缓存的最大容量,超出后将优先清除旧的缓存数据,直到缓存量低于这个数值。
Jan 17, 2010 · Composer’s modern version pays tribute to conductor Colin Davis (pictured) will conduct the US premiere of composer James MacMillan's "St. John Passion," co-comissioned by the BSO. (Dina Rudick ... Jun 06, 2018 · Not sure how composer handles a lock file in the context of a library. This comments from a composer developer would seem to indicate that it's ignored:. It does not have to be, and in general I guess it's good to gitignore it, but it's also harmless to commit it since consumers of your lib package will never be affected by the library's lock file.

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4.0.0 Introduction. This version introduces many breaking changes, which in most projects can be managed through a combination of automatic upgrade processes as well as manual code review.
Nov 27, 2013 · SilverStripe is a very popular open source Content Management System (CMS) and Framework that can help you to create and manage the content of your websites and web applications. To install and run SilverStripe on a Linux virtual server follow the very easy steps described below.